The United Methodist Church of Garrettsville
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Room Rentals

The Garrettsville United Methodist Church Room Rentals

  1. 1. The Trustees reserve the right  to raise, lower or waive fees.

    2. All request will be approved by the minister and Ad Council.

    3. All functions must comply with the church Discipline. The purpose of the program or activity must have a valid place within the ministry of the church. If requested, an application may need to be made to the Church Council.

    4. When there is a conflict about groups wanting the same date, first priority will be given to church groups, followed by church sponsored groups, then civic or charitable community groups, non-profit community groups and finally to for profit groups.

    5. All dates for use of facilities by members and non members must be cleared through the church office and placed on the church calendar. Dates are not reserved until the event has been approved by the minister and Ad Council and the fee has been paid.

    6. The full fee must be paid to the church office to reserve rooms or areas. Fees are refundable if the event is cancelled at least 14 days before the event or in unusual circumstances.

    7. Persons or groups using the facilities are responsible for setting up, clean-up, removing all garbage, restoring the area or areas used to their original set-up, turning off all lights, flushing all toilets and closing the building up.

    8. The use of kitchen equipment must be cleared through the United Methodist Women.

    9. All breakage MUST be reported to the church office.

    10. The use of the organ is restricted to the church organist only because it is a valuable instrument.

    11. The use of confetti and potpourri is prohibited; the use of rice, bird seed or bubbles is permitted OUTSIDE the building.

    12.  The church has available, at no charge, a kneeling bench, two white wicker flower stands and two brass 7-branch candelabras. The church provides candles for the altar and candelabras. We do not provide Unity candles.

    13. The use of the church during crisis or emergency situations is at the discretion of the pastor.

    14. No tobacco or alcoholic beverages are permitted on church grounds at any time!



    1. Donations For Use of Church Facilities

    (A $100.00 deposit is required and will be refunded after facilities are deemed acceptable by the trustees)


    WEDDINGS:                            Members                      Non-Members

    · Sanctuary Deposit:      $100.00                         $150.00

    · Minister                        $150.00                         $150.00

    · Organist                       $100.00                          $100.00

    · Janitor                          $50.00                            $50.00

    · Coordinator                  $50.00                            $50.00

    · Secretary                     $25.00                            $25.00



    · Sanctuary                      $150.00

    · Wesley Room                $50.00                           $100.00

    · Kitchen (Limited)         $10.00

    · Kitchen (Full)               $50.00

    · Classroom                     $15.00

    · Minister                        $150.00

    · Organist                       $100.00



    · Wesley Room             $50.00

    · Classroom                  $10.00

    · Sanctuary                  $25.00

    · Kitchen                       $50.00