The United Methodist Church of Garrettsville
Monday, November 30, 2020
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OF Garrettsville!
Hello Friends:

Our United Methodist Church of Garrettsville will be partially re-opened on OCTOBER 4, 2020 just in time for WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY.  This is for those who wish to return to our sanctuary, and who believe it is safe enough in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Others might not choose to do this at this time.  But please understand this information:


1)  There will be TWO services, one on ZOOM and a later one in the sanctuary.  Our ZOOM service will continue on the computer at 9:30 am in our homes.  This will be recorded for others to watch as well.  Our Sanctuary service will begin with music at 10:45 am and the service starting at 11 am.


2)  We will continue to make sermons available for those who would like them.


3)  For those returning to the Sanctuary ( as the COVID-19 troubles continue ) we must have all safety protocols followed:

        a)  Masks are mandatory.  They must be on at all times.

        b)  Social Distancing must be observed.  People from the same household can be seated together, but all others must be 6 feet apart.

        c)  People can only sit in pews numbered 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 ( basically every-other pew ).  5 persons will be permitted to sit in the choir area.  The balcony will remain closed except for the Sound-Video helpers.

        d)  There will be no hymnals or other books for people to touch.  Offering plates and Communion will NOT be passed from person to person.

        e)  Restrooms will be available but hopefully people can take care of this before they arrive.

        f)  At the end of the service those towards the front will exit WITH DISTANCE through the front exit ( by the organ ), while others towards the back can exit WITH DISTANCE through either street-side door.

        g)  We will depart the sanctuary immediately after the service, and will close the doors up.  Unfortunately there can be no inside visiting.

        h)  We will need some volunteer cleaners to clean up the sanctuary on the following Saturday.  We currently have no custodian, but this will be filled at some point.


Other congregations have been doing this.  It is not the same as it was.  The services will be shorter.  We are not supposed to sing, which is really a great loss for now.  But we will make the best of it.  Please know that not all of our people will return to the sanctuary at this time.  That is fine.  There is no judgment.  But there will be masks and social distancing.


If you do not feel well, please do not come to worship.  Please.


Thank you.  This has been approved by your Church Council.


Rev. Richard K. Thewlis



We need volunteer cleaner-helpers who will clean things on Saturday    mornings.                      

We just need wipers and sweepers. 

Please contact Rev. Rich if you can help.



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